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You require only a one-time $2 Entry Fee to get started and then with money earned from the system you move on to higher levels earning you greater incomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there Promotional Materials I can use to Promote Btc2Dollar?

    Yeah! We have lots of Promotional Materials, Banners, Gifs, Payment Proofs, Videos, Youtube Presentations created by Leaders all on our Official Telegram Promo Channel. You can join by clicking HERE

  • Yes there is! But we are aware that it might be slow and take some while to get to new members, thats why we have given you the power to promote and start making money instantly the first day you get started. So copy your Referral Link from your Back Office and start promoting and earning right away.

  • Yeah! You can be Piffed in (PIF - Pay It Forward). Which simply means your friend, or upline or any member of Btc2Dollar can transfer some money from their E-Wallet to yours from their Back Office by Clicking on "Transfer Funds" on the menu in their Back Office.

  • Once you make accurate payment to the address generated in your back office, immediately after 3 Blockchain Confirmations your account will be automatically activated. In cases where you were piffed in, you'll need to login to your account if you're logged out to get activated automatically and instantly

  • Yeah. The 10 we mention is just for calculation purpose but you can have as many direct referrals as you want and the more the direct referrals you've got, the bigger your chances of earning more from upgrades.

  • Well you can possibly have as many Direct Referrals as you want on one account so we see no reason why you might want to create multiple accounts, but if for some other reasons you still want to, Yes! we have no restrictions on the number of accounts you can have. We want you to have your freedom which means you can create as many accounts as you want, in as much as you use different valid emails.


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